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Comprehensive training session designed to equip Upstream Oil & Gas (O&G) professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the transition to clean energy through digital engineering. Focused on understanding AI applications for energy optimization and addressing climate change, this bootcamp provides participants with a deep dive into cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Why Enovate


Domain Knowledge Overview

Cloud Computing

Emerging Technologies

Simulation & Modeling

Data Management

Automation & Control Systems

Digital Twin Technology

Integration & Renewable Energy

Regulatory Compliance & Carbon Monetization



Machine Learning & Generative AI

Join Our Comprehensive Bootcamp for O&G Professionals Ready to Lead the Digital Revolution

  • Navigate the Transition: Gain Essential Knowledge for the Clean Energy Era.
  • Digital Engineering Insights: Unlock the Potential of AI for Energy Optimization.
  • Combat Climate Change: Your Role in Driving Sustainable Solutions.
  • Cutting-Edge Learning: Dive Deep into the Latest Technologies and Methodologies

Transform Your Future:

Embrace Digitalization in the Energy Sector

  • Hands-On Workshops, Expert-Led Seminars, Real-World Case Studies
  • Practical Applications: Implement Concepts in Real-Life Scenarios
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with Industry Innovators and Peers
  • Certificate of Achievement: Validate Your Expertise in Digitalization

Our Speakers

Camilo Mejia

CEO of Enovate.Ai and with expertise spanning Petroleum Engineering, Data Science, and Business Administration, leads groundbreaking digital intelligence efforts in the energy sector.

Rebecca Nye

Chief Experience Officer at Enovate driving customer-centric innovation and accelerating AI adoption for sustainability goals.

Daniel Martinez

Experienced Senior Telecommunications Engineer with expertise in designing, implementing, and managing infrastructure for Applications, VoIP, Contact Centers, LAN, and WLAN.

Abzal Seitkaziyev

Experienced Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering background. Skilled in data analysis, modeling, and machine learning. 

Mayank Tiagy

Holder of the Chevron Designated Professorship at LSU, specializing in Sustainable Clean Energy Systems, M3 modeling, and Data analytics for petroleum engineering. Renowned for curriculum development and international teaching engagements.

Farzad Sunavala

Sseasoned Senior Product Manager, dedicated to propelling growth in Search & AI while fostering next-gen digital experiences. Transitioning from a background in petroleum engineering Farzad leverages his expertise in energy, cloud computing, AI, and leadership to enact impactful change in product management.

Richard Dwelle