ADA AI™ Production

Unleashing Potential

Discover the power of ADA AI™ Production, the next-generation technology designed to maximize asset value and productivity through automated real-time optimization. Experience unprecedented efficiency and enhanced forecasting capabilities today.

Advanced Asset Optimization

Maximizing Asset Value with

ADA AI™ Production

ADA AI™ Production harnesses cutting-edge physics-informed AI to rapidly and effectively analyze complex multi-variable and multi-well scenarios. This powerful tool is hosted on a cloud-based platform, enabling real-time, action-oriented strategies to optimize productivity. ADA AI™ Production offers industry leading speed in delivering insights that enable a full understanding of reservoir productivity data in order to maximize the value of the asset.

Enhanced Production Forecasting with

ADA AI™ Production

Production forecasting is optimized through physics-informed machine learning, and utlization of statistical data, in the ADA AI™ Production model.

Once validated, the model is deployed into production systems, or is integrated with existing workflows. This integration allows for dynamic, real-time decision-making, crucial for maximizing asset value and productivity in a competitive industry.

SCADA Gas Lift Optimization

ADA AI™ Production uses the power of advanced AI algorithms and machine learning models to derive optimal operating parameters from extensive historical production data.

This sophisticated approach was developed to quickly and efficiently identify patterns and correlations in data. ADA AI™ Production will rapidly predict the performance of gas lift systems under different operating conditions and make recommendations for optimal set points for gas injection rates, and valve adjustments. By doing so, ADA AI™ Production ensures dynamic optimization, adjusting parameters in real-time to adapt to changing well conditions and maximize production efficiency.

Additionally, cost optimization is achieved by minimizing energy consumption, maintenance costs, and downtime. The system also provides an integrated Gas-Oil Ratio (GOR) analysis, offering crucial insights for field performance benchmarking and productivity enhancement.

SCADA Gas EOR Optimization

The AI enhanced Gas-EOR management system elevates analysis of gas injection and expands Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) from individual wells to entire field patterns. This sophisticated approach identifies inefficient flood patterns and provides more accurate forecasts on the recovered tertiary oil.

The automated solution generates outputs necessary to improve the EOR process. Additionally, the outputs facilitate a deeper understanding of gas utilization and the pattern production trends. When this data is combined with the subsurface geological and reservoir properties, it enables more informed decision-making and optimizes return on investment.

Why Choose Us

Seamless Integration

ADA AI™ Production integrates with existing reservoir management and SCADA systems, enhancing decision-making capabilities without disrupting current workflows.

Continuous Monitoring

Our platform continuously monitors production environments, updating in real-time to reflect changes and optimize operations dynamically.

Iterative Accuracy

Through an iterative process, ADA AI™ Production refines its predictive capabilities, ensuring industry-leading accuracy and effectiveness for your operations.