Accelerating Decarbonization,
Driving Optimization

About Us

We deliver business and operational process optimization

Enovate delivers business and operational process optimization for decarbonization and energy security through digital engineering and automation. Our proven technology model is enabled by the capacity to deliver digital solutions that accelerate a clean, efficient, and diversified energy supply. Enovate supports oil and gas, geothermal, and CCS operations with an end-to-end digital package from planning to monetization.

Production Optimization Gulf of Mexico

18% oil production optimization through IOT/AI digital transformation.

Geothermal Power Generation Assets – Texas, US

12% increased profitability

Low Carbon Energy Production – US

8% annual emissions reduction target

Operational Optimization

Enovate’s Digital Engineering drives energy optimization across the globe by enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and resilience of energy systems such as Oil and Gas, geothermal, CCS and hydrogen, contributing to the transition to more sustainable low carbon energy production.


Enovate’s Digital innovation accelerates decarbonization efforts by enabling more efficient, sustainable, and data-driven solutions across the energy sector. Decarbonization must be driven by digital technologies like AI and machine learning to optimize industrial processes, making them more energy efficient.