ADA AI™ Drilling

Revolutionizing Efficiency

Experience the Future of Drilling

ADA AI™ Drilling delivers a proactive, safe, and optimized

drilling parameter roadmap, leveraging advanced AI to

enhance real-time operational performance.


Real-Time Analytics

Access real-time drilling data and KPIs through an intuitive cloud-based dashboard for optimal decision-making.

Automated Reporting

Automate your drilling reports with comprehensive operational insights and performance breakdowns.

Advanced AI Modeling

Utilize cutting-edge AI models to predict and optimize drilling parameters for maximum efficiency.

Drilling Optimization

Empower Your Drilling Operations

ADA AI™ Drilling enhances drilling performance with an intuitive interface, advanced analytics, and digital twin design, ensuring reduced risks and optimal drilling outcomes.

Business Intelligence

Manage, analyze, and compare drilling data effectively with ADA AI™ Drilling’s interactive dashboard, designed for real-time performance tracking and risk management.

Operational Excellence

Incorporate field-specific data into ADA AI™ to analyze and predict drilling challenges, enhancing decision-making accuracy and operational efficiency.

Empowering Digital Drilling

ADA AI™ Drilling:

Revolutionizing Oil & Gas

ADA AI™ Drilling delivers a proactive, safe, and optimized drilling parameter roadmap, enhancing ROP performances through advanced AI and Digital Twins technology. This system provides automated report generation for a comprehensive operational performance understanding, including drilling activity analysis, flat time identification, and key performance indicators, all accessible in real-time through an intuitive cloud-based dashboard.

Drilling Optimization & Safety

ADA AI™ Drilling empowers drilling operations with a simple yet powerful interface, enhancing performance while ensuring safety for both well and rig environments. By leveraging advanced analytics of historical field data, the platform provides clear guidance for true ROP management and optimization using a digital twin approach.

Our roadmaps are designed to reduce drilling risks, ensuring that operations achieve optimal performance with advanced warnings and alarms, thus safeguarding your personnel and investments.

Performance Metrics

ADA AI™ Drilling’s impact is quantified through precise metrics that reflect

our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.


Automated Daily Reporting


Downhole Risk Detection Precision


Flat Time Analysis Precision


Increase Drilling Efficiency

Explore ADA AI™ Drilling Features

Cloud-Based Platform

Our cloud-based platform ensures secure, scalable, and accessible drilling data management from anywhere in the world.

Predict-Ahead Capability

Enhance your drilling operations with our AI-driven predictive models that forecast drilling performance and optimize ROP.

Real-Time Performance

Utilize real-time data to monitor MSE vs. ROP metrics, enabling immediate adjustments and improved drilling efficiency.