ADA AI™ New Energies

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Pioneering the Future of Low Carbon Energy Systems

Revolutionizing Energy Management with ADA AI™ New Energies

Evolving Low Carbon Energy Systems from Optimizing to Monetizing

Discover the future of energy management with ADA AI™ New Energies, leveraging advanced AI to optimize geothermal, CCS, and hydrogen energy systems.

Real-time AI Forecasting

Utilize cutting-edge AI to predict and enhance energy production and consumption with unparalleled accuracy.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate our AI solutions into your existing asset management software for enhanced decision-making.

Core Features of ADA AI™ New Energies

Geothermal Energy Optimization

Leverage cutting-edge AI to enhance the efficiency and output of geothermal plants, turning natural heat into a powerhouse of sustainable energy.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Revolutionize carbon management with our AI-driven solutions that not only capture but also monetize carbon emissions effectively.

Hydrogen Production Enhancement

Optimize hydrogen production with AI analytics that ensure maximum yield and contribute to a cleaner energy landscape.

Advanced AI Energy Forecasting

At Enovate Ai, we deploy physics-informed machine learning and statistical models to forecast energy needs accurately. These models are not only tailored to real-time data but are also continuously refined as new data emerges, ensuring that your energy systems operate at peak efficiency. By integrating seamlessly with SCADA systems and other asset management tools, our AI provides actionable insights that keep you ahead in a competitive market.

Holistic Data-Driven AI Control

Our holistic approach at Enovate Ai utilizes web 3.0 technologies combined with robust AI to monitor, analyze, and optimize your hydrogen and geothermal plants. By understanding the intricate patterns and trends through data-driven AI, we enable predictive adjustments and optimizations that significantly enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. Experience the power of advanced remote control capabilities to maintain optimal performance across your energy systems.

Smart Energy Management

Viv AI™ Energy Management App Features

The Viv Al™ Energy Management App is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring and management of energy consumption. It offers real-time data visualization through intuitive graphs and charts, enabling users to track and analyze their energy usage effectively.

Insightful usage analytics help identify key areas for energy savings and efficiency improvements. The app sends timely alerts and notifications to inform users of critical consumption thresholds or anomalies. Additionally, users can remotely control connected devices, enhancing convenience and operational control. The carbon footprint tracking feature motivates and guides users towards sustainable energy practices, supporting our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Usage Insights

Energy Monitoring

Alerts & Notifications

Remote Control

Carbon Footprint Tracking

Integrating AI for Enhanced Energy Operations

AI-Driven Process Optimization

At Enovate Ai, our AI integration process begins with continuous monitoring. We deploy advanced sensors across your energy systems to gather real-time data on parameters such as production rates, temperature, and pressure. This continuous stream of data is crucial for accurate analysis and timely decision-making.

The next phase is data analysis. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, our AI systems analyze the collected data to detect patterns and anomalies. This analysis helps in understanding the operational dynamics and forecasting potential downtimes or failures, thus ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Following analysis, optimization is implemented. AI uses insights from the data to automatically adjust operational parameters in real-time. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces energy waste. Predictive maintenance is then employed to foresee and address equipment malfunctions before they occur, significantly reducing unplanned downtime. Lastly, decision support systems provide actionable insights to operators, empowering them to make informed decisions that optimize overall plant performance.