VIV AI™ accelerates decarbonization efforts by enabling more efficient, sustainable, and data-driven solutions across various sectors. Industrial Decarbonization needs to be driven by digital technologies like AI and machine learning to optimize industrial processes, making them more energy efficient. 

VIV™ facilitates the transition to a circular economy, digital innovation empowers industries, governments, and individuals to make informed decisions and implement strategies that lead to significant decarbonization.

Enovate pioneers Digital platforms that enable accurate measurement and reporting of carbon emissions across various sectors as well as introduce industrial standardization, essential for setting emissions reduction targets, monitoring progress, and making informed decisions.

B4E and Enovate

As part of the Blockchain For Energy consortium, we are supporting the energy sector by offering decentralized and transparent solutions that transform the way energy is created and consumed. The collaborative solutions are reshaping the energy landscape and paving the way for a more sustainable and transparent energy industry.

VIV AI™ Energy Management

VIV AI™ Energy Management offers Real time renewable energy operations monitoring through our IoT and AI energy management system.