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ABB and Enovate Upstream collaborate to offer onshore digital oilfield solution

• Joint effort to develop and supply cloud-based digital solutions for oil and gas providers • Oilfield solution will provide real-time analysis to increase production and financial performance • Collaboration meets customer demand for enhanced digital automation ABB and Enovate Upstream have signed a memorandum of understanding to apply their complimentary digital platforms, ABB Ability™ Wellhead..



The Rise of a Giant That Will Move the Industry Forward When we think about the future of the oil and gas industry, we ought to think about creating fundamental changes from within and revising operating models. The current market climate has become an opportunity cornucopia to discover and unlock technological developments that improve current operational..



REVOLUTION OR EVOLUTION? In order to maximize the value of digitalization for net zero, the current financial and risk management models in the industry need to be upgraded as ROI and safety will be re-defined based on the balance between social, environmental, and financial factors for net zero. The energy sector’s footprint can be reduced..


Mental health in an unequal world

The world federation of mental health has set the theme for this year’s mental health day: ‘Mental health in an unequal world’.So what are we doing to change that inequality? To provide mental health care to everyone, equally? Before COVID-19, people everywhere were already struggling with mental health issues without having access to the right..


What Do Supervised & Unsupervised Truly Mean in Machine Learning?

In machine learning there are many umbrellas that refer to different processes or set ups for the “learning” to take place. Today’s discussion will surround two commonly used umbrella terms, supervised and unsupervised learning. In this case the process or set up we are referring to lays within the raw data itself. When setting up..


URTeC: My Personal Reflections

Recently, I attended the URTeC 2021 Conference, sponsored by Enovate Upstream. My role included providing technical insight into the machine learning and artificial intelligence that Enovate Upstream uses in its product offerings. Reconnecting with the team was great. I walked with Ty Summers, John Estrada, and Laura Santos to view all the booths around URTeC…


Inventing or… Re-inventing?

Enovate Upstream is an organization built by visionaries, innovators, artists – and yes, inventors too. Some may even say that finding – and inventing – new ways to create highly efficient simulations to predict and boost performance, is a work of art all on itself.  The interest and motivation for high-performance computing in reservoir simulation has..


DCA in Unconventional Reservoirs

Predicting EUR is a challenging task. Nearly all approaches that are being used in predicting said long-standing behaviors, have displayed various limitations. So, if decline curve analysis (DCA) is not the appropriate method for unconventional reservoirs, which one is it? For about twenty years now, the oil and gas industry, has widely applied DCA in..


A StartUp To Success

Creating a startup from scratch, is not simply having an execution plan – this world demands a high threshold for chaos. Where success is measured by growth and where perseverance is paramount.  But that’s the dream, right? To break out of the chains of large corporations in order to create something of your own, believing..


Heroes Work Here

Our enovators are, at least in our organization, the core of our success. That’s why at Enovate Upstream, we appreciate them and today – National Employee Appreciation Day – we shout out their contribution. Burnout has, more often than not, become a major driver in people leaving their jobs; because of lack of appreciation. A..


How are digital technologies impacting the way a well is drilled? Part 2

Now let’s review the opposite scenario, a development project of horizontal wells with enormous data sets of similar offset wells where the efficiencies are already very high. (For part 1, click here) Take North America’s Permian Basin as a good example. Can the cost still be reduced?   YES! The cost can be reduced by..