Germán Bocanegra | Innovation Director

Germán Bocanegra is a creative and disruptive professional with over 13 years of experience in the oil and gas industry (on-shore and off-shore deep water) optimizing operations, building and maintaining client relationships, and coordinating and supporting projects for the most recognized services companies. His willingness to create and expand his knowledge has placed him in the entrepreneurial world having the opportunity to start his own startup in the cannabis industry in Colombia, and to be connected with different arenas to support innovation and sustainability. During the last year he has been invited to be part of panels and to be speaker in innovation meetings and summits around the world.

Germán is in charge of creating a human-centric creative environment to build meaningful and effective solutions. The implementation of Innovation practices such as Design Thinking and Agile Management will bring to the group more productive, more responsive, more inclusive, and more fun activities that at the end will support the better understanding of the customers’ needs/pains. Last but not least, his practices will create an environment to foster competitive advantage even in VUCA conditions (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). Adaptation is part of Enovate’s innovation process that will assure the introduction of disruptive in-house and/or co-created projects. All this effort will help to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem, coming from Enovate, to bring for entrepreneurs and investors wealth creation; and for corporations, innovation, product acquisition, talent retention, and supply change development may be the benefits.

During his career and master’s degrees, Germán has being recognized for having adaptive thinking, interpersonal influence and team collaboration. He has been involved in operations around the world and working with multicultural teams having a 100+ countries network. He led teams that had excellence in performance and his charismatic way of solving problems was key to overcome with new and structured ideas having better results than the expected ones gaining new contracts for the companies he has worked with.

During the last 3 years Germán has been involved in several business challenges and his teams have made it to the finals recognizing his effort, structured analysis, and out-of-the-box thinking to introduce unbiased decisions. Because of his enthusiasm to be part of the generation to change the world, he was part of the 2017 Hult Prize where he introduced a sustainable and profitable idea pitching in front of more than 150 people.

Germán is trilingual (Spanish, English and Portuguese). Petroleum Engineer, MBA and M.Sc. in Disruptive Innovation from Hult International Business School. Germán is the Innovation Director of Enovate Upstream; he and his wife had lived in Boston and San Francisco the last 3 years and moved to Houston to be part of this great team of high performers.