Dr. Mayank Tyagi | Data Science & Petroleum Engineering Fellow

Professor Mayank Tyagi is Chevron #3 designated associate professor at the Craft & Hawkins department of petroleum engineering, Louisiana State University (LSU). He holds a joint faculty appointment at the Center for Computation & Technology (CCT), LSU. His research interests span data analytics and modeling of interdisciplinary petroleum engineering applications using high performance computing (HPC), image-based pore-scale modeling using lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), multiscale multiphase computational fluid dynamics (CFD), geothermal reservoir engineering, and unconventional reservoir simulations. He has worked on issues in quantitative risk assessment (QRA) of offshore petroleum engineering operations and their impacts on the regional economy.

Dr. Tyagi has given numerous talks at India, China, and US universities and published over 50 peer-reviewed technical publications. He is an active member of university-industry consortium “Enabling Process Innovation through Computation (EPIC)” at LSU. He obtained his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from LSU and undergraduate in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.