MSc. John Estrada | Senior Deployment Scientist

John Estrada joined the Oil and Gas Industry in 2010 where he has held different roles in drilling operations in Colombia, Argentina and US.

Estrada joined Enovate Corp in 2020 as AI Deployment Engineer, responsible for interacting with clients and platform developers (ADA AI™) to provide a tailor-made solution for specific challenges.

Estrada started his career in the industry as a field engineer with Halliburton. He was involved in different cementing projects in Colombia where his team implemented for the first time in Latin America the use of non-Portland cement for insitu combustion project for heavy oil fields. In Argentina, his team implemented offline cementing operations and use of resin for the first time in the country to control annular build-up pressure. While completing his master’s degree at Louisiana State University, John was as a researcher in smart fluids (Magnetorheological Fluids) and also a teaching assistant for Well Control, Drilling Fluids Lab, Drilling Engineering. He has experience in Mudlogging operations and Wellsite geology at the Delaware Ranch in the Permian Basin.

John has presented publications at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston and has a patent application related to Magnetorheological fluids and its potential use in the industry. He also was granted a Most-Valuable-Person (MVP) award for his contribution in the largest insitu-combustion project in Colombia by Halliburton. He currently serves as Co-Chair for the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) in Houston.

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Estrada holds a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from National University of Colombia, a master’s in petroleum engineering from Louisiana State University, and a professional certificate in Data Science from Harvard University.