Dr. Jaing Zhang | Sr. Reservoir Engineer – Product Owner

Dr. Jiang Zhang has extensive experience in oil and gas industry with strong programming skills, including reservoir engineering and integration of production, field operation, drilling & completion and budget & planning as well as development of oil & gas application software and utility tools in C++, Python, C# and FORTRAN.

He is currently a Senior Reservoir Engineer (Product Owner) at Enovate Upstream, where he is responsible for developing optimized codes for analytical and numerical models of unconventional/conventional reservoirs and perform the integration of the codes with the in-house cloud-based AI platform.

Before joining Enovate Upstream, Dr. Zhang has worked as a reservoir engineer for a private consulting company as well as public E&P companies. His experiences include performing reservoir modeling study via numerical simulations, reservoir evaluation via PTA/RTA and software/utility tools development.

As the team leader of a project of using simulation model analysis of production impacts at Prudhoe Bay related to the 2006 oil transit line leak, Dr. Zhang helped the state of Alaska win $255 million over several major E&P companies and generated more than 4 million dollars revenue for the company he served in 2012.

In 2010 Dr. Zhang conducted simulation work for WAG feasibility study, recommended and executed pilot project in Dulang field (sandstone, Malay Basin). First, the field waterflood data was successfully history matched. After that, the production forecast and optimization were performed and infill and restoration wells were identified. Then, the compositional model was built and CO2 WAG processes were optimized. Finally, the field development plan was written and the full-field implementation was undertaken by the client.

In a project for Oman, Dr. Zhang characterized reservoir fractures and performed simulation history match study on sandstone reservoir Yibal and Lakhewair fields (Fahud Basin) and recommended workovers for managing water short-circuiting and waterflood rebalancing – resulting 3% increase in production.

Dr. Zhang holds a PhD in Petroleum Engineering and a MS in Computer Science both from The University of Texas at Austin. He is proficient in both writing and speaking in English and Chinese.