Enovate Upstream offers the ADA AI™ DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM– a powerful digital ecosystem that connects multi-discipline workflows across the entire upstream process. The technology, offered modularly by discipline or integrated as a platform, is intuitive to use, easily accessible, precise in its results and ultra-fast. The collaborative approach improves real time delivery of critical information. Enovate Upstream offers SaaS and PaaS deployment strategies connected with industry experts to improve your performance.  ADA AI™ integrates simply into existing client environments and includes three main product offerings.


Confidently steer through your target while improving drilling efficiency and avoiding downhole risks


Reduce completions costs and ensure production potential with “fit-for-purpose” stage design while drilling


Achieve optimal production potential in real-time with realistic estimation of your ultimate recovery and production decline rates



ADA AI™ Production Forecasting is the physics-based production prediction module dashboard of our integrated cloud-based solution ADA AI™ Digital Ecosystem. ADA AI™ Production Forecasting accurately predicts production and estimated ultimate recovery from unconventional reservoirs, yielding realistic economic projections and leads to the correct identification of production performance drivers.

At the heart of ADA AI™ Production Forecasting is a tailor-made numerical simulation program with highly optimized linear algebra routines and tuned solvers that provides fast simulation results (within seconds), even if complex physical processes, such as fracture compliance and variable pressure and rate conditions, are accounted for.

ADA AI™ Production Forecasting is intuitive and user-friendly. Our wizard-like scenario setup makes it even easier for users to create new simulation cases, modify and duplicate existing ones, and export simulation results into ADA AI™ Petroleum Economics to intuitively transform production forecast curves into financial metrics. All just within a few clicks.


  • – Provides true composite modeling of multi-fractured horizontal wells
  • – Distributes rock properties spatially from fractures to reservoir
  • – Includes built-in industry-standard PVT correlations for oil and gas
  • – Includes built-in compaction correlations as exponential model, power-law model, and Dobrynin model
  • – Supports user-defined PVT and compaction tables via excel or csv files
  • – Upload historical production data easily via excel or csv files
  • – Create smooth decaying bottomhole flowing pressure for realistic pressure-drawdown
  • – Includes specialized linear flow and rate-normalized diagnostic plots
  • – Allows user to create multiple scenarios for any given simulation case
  • – Operates in conjunction with completions and drilling series offerings, as requested
  • – Facilitates an estimated production forecasting during completions design in the completions series offering
  • – Cloud-based platform with optimal security, speed, and accessibility


ADA AI™ Stage Design offers AI-powered engineered completion design while drilling to maximize production from your assets. ADA AI™ Stage Design offers real-time stage design that combines rock quality indicators that include mechanical specific energy (MSE) and XRF mineralogy from geochemistry measurements and classifies rock sections that exhibit similar mechanical properties to optimize stage spacing. As a result, operators using ADA AI™ Stage Design can design their stages fit for purpose – resulting in reduced completion costs, maximized production potential, while reducing the risk of getting sub par fractured stages.

ADA AI™ Stage Design uses advanced AI algorithms to classify like-rocks, according to their estimated rock properties, including drilling parameters and mineralogy to identify the most efficient stage design, offered in both geometric and engineered cluster spacing. ADA AI™ Stage Design displays volumetric content of major minerals and brittleness curves for both offset and real-time data while concurrently displaying a real-time production forecast for a selected depth interval.


  • – Create customized Engineered and Completions designs with AI driven drilling and mineralogy data
  • – Create multiple scenarios that optimize your Production Performance
  • – Supports both real-time and offset well data
  • – Provides Production Forecasting from selected depth ranges for both Engineered and Geometric designs
  • – Cloud-based platform with optimal security, speed, and accessibility
  • – Fast deployment and implementation



ADA AI™ Drilling Optimization is a product in the ADA AI™ Drilling Series offering that enables real-time production with drilling and completions optimization in a single cloud computing environment. ADA AI™ Drilling Optimization empowers users with a simple, intuitive interface to enhance drilling performance while conforming to the safe operating environment that applies to both the well and the rig. Transitioning to this product will make the need for multi-screen analysis using large teams to filter past data not necessary. Through a simple intuitive interface, ADA AI™ Drilling Optimization offers advanced analytics of historical field data using machine learning to provide a simple guide to the end-user allowing true ROP optimization to be realized – both safely and consistently.

ADA AI™ Drilling Optimization incorporates multi-dimensional analysis of the drilling assembly, well trajectory, rig type, MSE, and formation characteristics, to provide a range of suggested drilling parameters that historically have yielded top-tier performance by hole section, bit type, and formation drilled. The dashboard, accessible via web browser and offered on an Intrinsically protected mobile tablet, houses a powerful alarm-driven interface with push-notifications via email and text, so users are instantly aware when a deviation occurs. By simply following the dashboard recommendation, users can drill with reduced risk knowing they will achieve optimal performance while also conforming to the safety limits of both the rig and formation being drilled.


  • – Provides real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of the drilling process for reliable, safe decision-making
  • – Optimizes predict-ahead ROP
  • – Provides MSE vs. ROP relational performance metrics
  • – Identifies Formation-top / lithology track
  • – Scales for different drilling environments, rigs types, and drilling assemblies
  • – Operates in conjunction with completions and production series offerings, as requested
  • – Cloud-based platform with optimal security, speed, and accessibility