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Connect: Environmental Sustainability

Calendar iconMay 31, 2022

Clock icon13:00:00

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A pitch competition that brings together leading members of the media with startups focused on Environmental Sustainability!

About this event

Connect: Environmental Sustainability, is a pitch competition designed to bring together leading members of the media with startups focused on Environmental Sustainability innovation.

At Connect: Environmental Sustainability, six startups will pitch their ventures to a panel of Media Judges and receive valuable feedback about their companies before the panel selects a winner.

The event is open to all members of the startup community and attendance is FREE. There will be a live Q&A session with the Media Judges afterwards where founders and members of the audience can ask questions to gain valuable insights.

Our panel of Media Judges includes:

- Meg Szabo, Senior Editor, Bloomberg Green & Sustainability Events

- Heather Clancy, Editorial Editor, GreenBiz Group

- Ken Silverstein, Writer, Forbes

- Abhimanyu Ghoshal, Managing Editor, The Next Web

- Stefano De Marzo, Editor, Novobrief / Contributor, Entrepreneur Media

- Alexander Díaz, Columnist & Author, Medium

- Bob Langert, fmr, Editor At Large, GreenBiz Group

- Megan Finnerty, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief, Vox Media

and many more...

Register on Eventbrite and/or log in to the Zoom meeting here:



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