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Completions Series

Reduce completions costs and ensure production potential with “fit-for-purpose” stage design while drilling.

Provides AI-powered real time stage design, both geometric and engineering designs, that uses mechanical specific energy (MSE) or XRF minerology optimizing spacing, performed and visualized in a cloud-based platform. You can enhance your production through real-time visualization of the production forecast and chose the design for maximum production. Services Include:

  • Stage Design
  • Business Intelligence


Enovate is leveraging cloud-computing digital automation with focus on predictive modeling for real-time operations and optimization. Enovate will assure critical sub surface components to achieve an end-to-end solution.


The digital ecosystem is part of The Enovate Ecosystem that brings a holistic, flexible and agile approach to technology innovation and evolution with complete integrability. Each component of the digital ecosystem individually brings value to that process, however when more components are combined, a 10x value creation can be achieved for your business.   


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Increase Safety

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Increase Profits

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Reduce Environmental Impact

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Reduce Risk