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Inventing or... Re-inventing?

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Enovate is an organization built by visionaries, innovators, artists - and yes, inventors too. Some may even say that finding - and inventing - new ways to create highly efficient simulations to predict and boost performance, is a work of art all on itself. 

The interest and motivation for high-performance computing in reservoir simulation has always existed. So, what has hindered the progress? We believe that technological advances have been playing catch-up to the minds and level of complexity desired by reservoir engineers.
Enters Oscar Molina, Lead Reservoir Engineer at Enovate, and his physics-based simulations. Blazing fast, scalable, cloud-ready… Currently working on hand-optimizing linear algebra routines and sparse solvers, his invention is a promise and a short-term assurance of exceptional computational performance.

Simulations, when done right, enable us to accurately predict reservoir performance. And it is our strong belief that today's technology has now become available to bring to life the upscaling techniques in every engineer's dreams. But, there is still a long way to go.

Challenges can emerge when dealing with complex reservoirs. So, these situations require an ingenious approach, with finesse and yes, even a little artistry. In order to invent these increasingly advanced approaches, Oscar has benchmarked various programming languages and even done some hand optimizations with CPU cache and register operations to achieve peak flops.

The objective is a revolution in high-performance computing for real-time reservoir simulation applications. Via ultra-fast data acquisition that integrates environmental conditions fused into a state-of-the-art simulation, that honors physics and results in sustainable production.  

Isn't inventing, a thing of beauty?

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate