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Mental health in an unequal world

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The world federation of mental health has set the theme for this year’s mental health day: 'Mental health in an unequal world'.

So what are we doing to change that inequality? To provide mental health care to everyone, equally?

Before COVID-19, people everywhere were already struggling with mental health issues without having access to the right treatments.

Insecurity, income instability, job loss, feeling of isolation, anxiety, depression...that came with the pandemic, have just exacerbated this very real issue.

From healthcare workers to non-essential personnel, mental health is finally at the forefront of the corporate world. And, glossing over this delicate matter, is no longer acceptable.

Poor mental health negatively impacts productivity, leadership, communication... within the organization.

So what are we, as companies, doing to protect the well-being of our community? When an employee is experiencing burnout, they tend to keep it to themselves because it's not a "tangible" problem. It's on us to de-stigmatize mental health and give them the right tools to identify patterns of anxiety, stress and depression, as well as a safe space to voice these concerns.

At Enovate, we are doing our part to set boundaries and help our team have a healthier work-life balance. Our health initiatives rank from open lines of communication to professional support, paid vacations and everything in between.
Also, we strongly encourage our employees to:

  • Be open about their mental health issues and personal struggles. If we can't help you, we'll find someone who will. Everybody goes through hardships.
  • Take a step back in order to analyze stressful situations with objectivity. Having the mental fortitude to think clearly and objectively it's not easy, but once achieved, you'll be able to find positive solutions smoothly.
  • Focus. Focus. Focus. In what you want to achieve, in your career, in your life. Tuning out negativity can be exhausting; but it's part of what overwhelm us. We must put systems into place to achieve our goals. It's all about the self-improvement mentality.
  • Accept the past and move on. This is how growth is achieve, by not letting the past drag you down - by letting it become lessons instead.
  • Know that you are not alone. Everybody struggles at some point or another, and comparisons does nobody good.
  • Get out of your routine! By trying new things and embarking on new hobbies. These are great outlets for stress relief and helps build-up confidence to attack head-on other challenges in life.
  • Be comfortable saying no. There are situations where you might feel pressured to say yes and be agreeable, don't be afraid to disagree with whatever doesn't fit your life. People will admire your courage.
  • Take mental health days as needed. It's important to recognize our needs and take the necessary measures to keep everything in check.

What are you doing to have a healthy lifestyle?

By Jeanette Hani for Enovate