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Level Up: The Next Step in Oil and Gas

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Is there a better way to help bridge the very real generational gap, promote gender balance and expand the horizons of oil and gas employees than through <reciprocal> mentoring?

Mentoring is usually reserved for young professionals, to receive the wisdom passed down by industry veterans. However, nowadays, reciprocal mentoring has become a necessity.

Taking on both roles of mentor and mentee, requires a willingness to give up power and forget about hierarchy. So, instead of a seasoned employee taking “under his wing” a less experienced worker, the superior acts as the primary learner and soaks in the expertise of younger players - and vice versa. This is an effective tool to help both junior and senior employees foster and enhance specific skills. 

So.…What are we striving for?

One of the issues within the oil and gas industry is an ageing workforce - which affects organizational efficiency. There might not be a substitute for experience, but, with mutually rewarding mentorship relationships, there is an opportunity to create a culture of openness that ensures corporate growth.

This approach demonstrates that companies are embracing more than the financial -  focusing on collaboration, interaction and reinforcing the value of every single employee. Therefore, creating a symbiotic environment of corporate learning.  

Supporting professional development and improving existing capabilities, is key to attract talent and bring upheaval to the oil and gas industry - bridging that skill and age gap.

As a company in the energy sector, we at Enovate aim to use mentorship programs to foment innovation, build up diversity initiatives and improve intergenerational relationships throughout all levels of the organization.

Knowledge. Best when Shared.

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate