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Inclusion at every age MATTERS

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In this day and age we do nothing but talk about diversity and inclusion, and how important it is. How much it shapes and forms our community and future generations. But, we mostly think about what comes next, leaving behind and forgetting what was - what shaped us.

What is age #diversity? People from different generations co-existing, bringing together a well of knowledge, ideas, attitudes and values.

Digital transformation is among us (AI in particular), and connectivity and access to information enhances digital inclusion, but does it provide equality for all? Intergenerational learning promotes digital empowerment by eliminating barriers and promoting social inclusion and interaction.

So, how can age diversity support and even improve digital environments?

Enovate’s sustainable development plan calls for an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce, encouraging colleagues to work together and implement sustainable solutions. By promoting e-inclusion we bring new perspectives and strategic debates, leveraging the strengths of each generation and preparing the corporation for future business challenges.

We often forget that the consumer generation comes in every shape and size, thus needing a workforce that reflects generational diversity and the understanding of audiences of all ages.

Starting at the very top allows us to lead cultural change by listening to every level of our organization, constantly adapting to new processes and engaging employees while empowering them. This provides an endless, enriched and more productive workforce, capitalizing on each generation's unique strengths, and achieving seamless digital transformation across all fronts.

Allowing employees to teach one another not only helps form deeper relationships - which are the bedrock of success - but also keeps “talent agility” fresh, now that skill sets tend to have a shorter life-span, whereas adaptability is timeless.

Building an inclusive, equal, collaborative, supportive and respectful workplace environment is the ideal. In the meantime, we aim to continually embrace each generation's qualities and encourage a culture that helps them learn to value one another.

This is part of #TheEnovateExperience

By Jeanette Hani Blanquicett for Enovate