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The 'Enovation' Sweet Spot

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The 'Enovation' Sweet Spot

In the race towards technological advancements, constant innovation is a key player. One of Enovate’s top innovation principles is ‘create with user’. That’s no accident.

Today looks nothing like ten years ago, and in ten years, things will have changed again. By then, there will be some positions that have not even been thought off yet. Jobs and services are human oriented, created based on human needs. That’s how we, at Enovate, design our products; taking a user-centric approach.

Taking inspiration from real people, our holistic approach to innovation is customer-centric and agile. For us, the user feedback is crucial for the company’s growth. We design our products and services after a deep scientific understanding of our community in order to develop an experience.

We must think of our consumers as collaborators. Asking them what they need and then if what we created worked to meet their needs. Everything in a business must reflect a genuine sensitivity to the abilities and needs of people.

Innovating with this methodology in mind, allows us to apply knowledge to meet current expectations, currents needs and current problems that haven’t been solved yet.
Enovation is a core part of the way our business operates. It is in every level of the organization, in fact, employees are highly encouraged to innovate and problem solve; which results in a happier and engaged workforce.

We are creating an experience.

Collecting data from our community and understanding them provides actionable and innovative product insight, which in turn allows us to take empathy informed solutions.

We ought to stay connected to the patterns of behavior our community presents, how the people we are creating for acts in order to come up with a solution that fits.

Our goal is to drive creativity and innovation through the deep understanding of the people we want to reach.

This is the innovation that will win out in the future, recognizing that we cater not only to human needs, but to human rights.

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate