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Sustainability: A trend in Oil & Gas

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A Trend in Oil & Gas

Today, when launching a new product or service, the first question you’re going to be asked is: “Is it sustainable?”

The shift is being noticed in every industry, including one that has historically being conceived as harmful to the environment: the oil and gas industry.

This misconception has forced the sector to take a hard look at the environmental policies in place and reconstruct the way they’re addressing sustainability.

Implementing sustainability initiatives needs to be a vital part of each company’s internal strategies, not only temporary PR campaigns. Some initiatives include partnering with environmental organizations, but innovative businesses like Enovate, are built on the basis of avant-garde products and services that don’t harm the environmental impact, pursuing an offset in carbon emissions.

The common environmental issues within the industry are wastewaters, high carbon footprint, solid waste and toxic gases produced during drilling, production, refining and logistic processes.
A successful and comprehensive sustainable strategy involves economic, ecological and social measures. Fortunately for us, this is part of Enovate’s DNA.

This is a different way of doing business, where the requirements of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), CSR, operational accuracy, contractor management and many others, are included in the company’s foundation.

Under this framework, Enovate’s ADA AI™platform, offers its customers the necessary help to achieve sustainability goals through operational efficiencies and digitalization.
The platform reduces carbon emissions, downhole logging requirements, the need for wellsite personnel, excessive transportation and eliminates downhole radioactive sources and lithium batteries.

Through integrated power and process systems, avant-garde companies like Enovate, offer renewable, low-carbon solutions to consumers and partners alike.

The creation and adoption of these new technologies will revolutionize the efforts in contributing to environment sustainability and how the industry is perceived.

The goal is supporting access to reliable energy while protecting the health of communities and the environment.

This is the new way of doing business, investing in innovative energy solutions for a lower-carbon future.

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate