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AI, Business & Sustainability: Engineers for the Energy Industry

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The world around us relies heavily on energy, and thus, on engineers. On their ability to create new methods and make processes safer for communities and the environment.

Engineers apply science, mathematics and engineering methods to complex system integration and operations. Improving the optimization of various resources. Reducing wasted materials, money, and time. 

Enter Oswaldo Perez and German Rey.

Since joining the Enovate team, German has been developing personalized solutions for current and future customers. Presently working in two real-time demo projects in different parts of the world, simultaneously.

On the other hand, Oswaldo has been working on Gas Lift Automation. Making strides on the transformation of the oil and gas industry, by providing digital integration solutions that allow operator companies to make effective operational decisions and apply field development strategies to enhance production and ROI of their assets.

Their work, like many other engineers in the energy industry, promotes sustainable growth - especially during the change to hybrid work models.

The diverse skillset developed by these engineers, tackles current demands for sustainability, lower carbon intensity and the need for radical productivity improvement - driven by AI and digital automation.

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate