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Building an Inclusive Workforce

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If people have the same mindset, there is no progress. That’s just a fact - you reach a stand still and fail to move forward. However, coexisting with people that push back, is not easy. 
When you’re surrounded by different people, it can create conflict. What most people fail to understand is that conflicting perspectives can, more often than not, be a source of healthy debates and much needed change. 

Building an organization with an healthy, powerful and inclusive workforce, that’s creative and successful, requires smooth collaboration and the vision to turn tensions and challenges that may arise, into opportunities for learning and innovation. 

It’s Introverts vs Extroverts. Dreamers vs Realists. Creatives vs Analytical. This can be a challenge. This is a test of ability.  Enovate’s CEO, Camilo Mejia, has found a way to appreciate a different kind of diversity, enable human progress and nurture healthy competition.
It’s all about listening, engaging and learning

Empathy is a virtue, one needed to understand someone’s perspective and motivation. For instance, differences can happen in many forms: cultural, gender, values, religious, political… Being a company that’s really culture first - entails truly allowing people to be different, to be themselves. Freely and safely.

As a company that wants to thrive and help take the oil and gas industry to the next level, constant innovation is imperative, and maintaining the status quo is not an option.
We must:

  • Welcome different opinions with open arms. So you can learn from those views.
  • Take an interest! Approach people that are different from you - their plans and strategies might expand your horizons.
  • Find common ground - connecting with team members will help achieve common goals and smooth collaboration.
  • Figure out everyone's strengths and put them to use - as a result, people contribute their best and the need for unhealthy competition is drastically reduced.
  • COMMUNICATION! Lack of communication is, more often than not, the origin of misunderstandings. Constant communication with team members, leaders and subordinates is crucial for a harmonious collaboration.
  • Creating multi-culturally diverse and inclusive workforce is not an easy task, but when it’s done correctly, the benefits are enormous. The challenge is worth it. Your result will be an open-minded and creative team that will help you fast-forward your organization’s success.

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate