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Is everything a computer?

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From the cars we drive, to the movies we watch, to our security systems and wearables. Tech is in everything, and we’ve become accustomed to seeing computers EVERYWHERE. That’s what drives 16-year-old Dame Allan’s School student, Ben Needham, to dive head first into computer science.

Currently in Sixth Form, Ben is studying A-level mathematics, further maths, computer science and physics; building himself to be the PERFECT software development engineer for the best SaaS companies out there. He believes, like every educated person in the 21st century should, that understanding the different dimensions of computing is essential nowadays. Computer science fits into a wide range -if not all- of the domains in the world around us, generating a constant flow of data; so we need to understand the need to treat it as such.

Code enables everyday actions in our lives, facilitating the possibility of making positive impacts in multiple areas. The number of people learning code is multiplying as you read this article, that’s why at the young age of 16, Ben has already learned various languages like Python, Java and Haskell - opening himself up to limitless possibilities across all scientific and non-scientific disciplines.

I enjoy almost all programming challenges across all scientific disciplines. I could see myself making a positive impact in almost any of those areas as I enjoy logical thinking and problem solving in general.

Ben Needham

As a digital-first company in the oil and gas industry, Enovate looks at people with the vision and potential Ben has, for future recruiting - offering remote internships and work experience placements even throughout the pandemic. During his two week placement, Ben learned how to conceive models for future predictions and how to do web scraping to collect the necessary data from the internet, sparking his interest in the industry. We believe in the future generations and their education is what will drive the ‘Enovators’ of tomorrow.

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate