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Our enovators are, at least in our organization, the core of our success. That’s why at Enovate, we appreciate them and today - National Employee Appreciation Day - we shout out their contribution.

Burnout has, more often than not, become a major driver in people leaving their jobs; because of lack of appreciation. A leader of an organization that demands high performance without explaining its purpose, will rob the staff of the very reason they work.
People need to be appreciated EVERY single DAY. Threats and opportunities come from every direction, which requires constant teamwork and collaboration. So every individual in the organization matters, and constant recognition, is imperative.

This year requires special attention. This March (2021) marks the 1-year-anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. A year where employees all around the world have endured radical changes, work-from-home migration and never-seen-before challenges - from every industry -.
Being separated from our peers has impacted the sense of togetherness built from personal connections and day-to-day interactions. However, tough times don't last - tough teams do.

"Your perseverance, passion, and commitment to our organization and our community, despite the trials of 2020, continues to impress me."

Camilo Mejia, CEO

Trying to avoid that feeling of isolation is hard work, but at Enovate, remoteness doesn’t mean detachment.

That’s why we:

  • Make sure we are aware of everyone’s personal struggles so we can make sure we do everything in our power to help them.
  • Extra relaxation away from the stressors of work - vacation time, extra day’s off and some shorter work days. Whatever our team needs to feel happy and rested.
  • Personalized expressions of gratitude and recognition of every individual’s sacrifices, contributions and successes. It’s important to us that the impact of every member of our team is openly celebrated throughout the entire organization, thus encouraging the continuity of good work, open lines of communication and a sense of community.
  • To fight against that feeling of detachment, we aim to build team connections: social - and mostly virtual - meetings are encouraged and set for at least once a month, so we can interact with each other in a more social environment. 

An emotionally safe environment, breeds an engaged and productive workforce. Feeling valued and finding purpose in one’s work, makes employees offer unrestricted effort that goes beyond what’s required of them. 

By Jeanette Hani B. for Enovate