A Modern Day Programmer

C++, Java, Python, Scala….programming is about languages, yes, but it involves so much more. A good programmer needs a complete toolset: from data structure, algorithms and computer networking to software development kits, package managers, editors like Eclipse, operating systems like UNIX and so on. But, what does ‘thinking like a programmer’ really entail?  According to..


Oil and Gas – A history of Innovation?

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less” … Marie Curie, Nobel prize  Marie Curie was the first female to win a Noble Prize, which was in Physics then went on to win another Nobel Prize in..


Enovate Talks: Innovating Freedom

Innovation is an empowering tool to bridge gaps and achieve personal and professional freedom. Join Enovate Upstream’s Innovation Director, German Bocanegra, in his journey towards freedom via innovation.


Houston entrepreneur plans to revolutionize and digitize the energy industry

A Houston energy tech company announced a new artificial intelligence platform that aims to digitize the oil and gas sector to provide the best efficiency and return on investment at every stage of the supply chain cycle — from drilling and production to completion. Enovate Upstream‘s exponential growth, says Camilo Mejia, CEO and founder of..


It is fast and accurate…

FLOW – THE CLOUD-BASED DIGITAL PRODUCTION FORECASTING Transforming the way you evaluate your assets: Fast Nonlinear Solver (FNS™) optimized for solving nonlinear fluid-flow problems efficientlyGet your production forecasts in real time at any stageUse industry-standard correlations for rock and fluid properties or define your ownDesign your completions plan as you drillDual porosity/dual permeability modeling capabilitiesProduction..


Women in Engineering

A Growing Arena In spite of historically being underrepresented in STEM areas, such as engineering, women are making huge strides to close these gap. This imbalance has, more often than not, told a story – one that doesn’t capture the whole picture. Once times started to change and STEM fields became more inclusive, women started..


Driving Transformation

Traditionally, the volatility of the oil and gas industry has been heavily influenced by external challenges like an array of social factors, price fluctuations, changing energy protocols, political climate… To tackle the market’s unpredictability, many companies are diving head first and embracing digital transformation. Betting on advancements in data capture and modelling, data analysis leading..


A Trend in Oil & Gas Today, when launching a new product or service, the first question you’re going to be asked is: “Is it sustainable?” The shift is being noticed in every industry, including one that has historically being conceived as harmful to the environment: the oil and gas industry.This misconception has forced the..

The ‘Enovation’ Sweet Spot

In the race towards technological advancements, constant innovation is a key player. One of Enovate Upstream’s top innovation principles is ‘create with user’. That’s no accident. Today looks nothing like ten years ago, and in ten years, things will have changed again. By then, there will be some positions that have not even been thought..

How Enovate Upstream Has Faced the New Normal

The ‘new normal’ requires a new mindset, that’s why our future is hybrid. Managing this new era brings challenges that stray from traditional ways. Luckily for us, Enovate Upstream is anything but; our CEO and executive teams have never hesitated to get out of their comfort zones. The main question remains:  How can we do..